The Importance of Grammar Rules

If you are wondering, yes, my header image is how I feel about bad spelling, grammar and punctuation.  I was on a business trip to Albuquerque one time and my colleagues wanted to go to a bar that was across the street from our hotel.  I refused to go in because their sign out front said “Margarita’s Happy Hour…”  Unless there was a woman in there named “Margarita,” I wasn’t going in.  True story.  A few years later it occurred to me that I could have requested they change the sign (or change it myself, it was marker on a white board) but the point would still be valid.

I should point out that there are instances where some leeway should be given. Twitter only lets you have 140 characters, that doesn’t mean apostrophes  should show up randomly or that capitalization should be haphazard but shortcuts are needed.  Similarly, sometimes for style we misspell a word or forgo the rules of subject/verb agreement and that’s ok, too.  I think it comes down to making decisions and if you know you’re doing it and chose to do so, that’s fine.  It’s when certain errors appear over and over that you can tell, a person just doesn’t know.  This doesn’t mean they are stupid, I don’t really think I understand the theory of relativity as well as I could but I am working on that myself.  I see communication from physicians who confuse “their” for “there.”  I get cover letters from people looking for work with apostrophes used in all sorts of ways that are wrong and with horrible spelling mistakes.  I  get proposals from companies with random capitalization.

That’s what I am looking to change.

So, if you have a question or pet peeve, please share it with me!

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